With more and more specific jungles and urbanization, gardening of balconies is becoming increasingly popular. Here are some tips for gardening on the terrace, which will help create a fabulous garden on the balcony.

Spring is finally in the air! It’s time to get rid of the winter jacket and prepare for the sun.

What is it? Does your balcony or garden look less chic? Please do not be too nervous, because House House will help you! Think of your balcony or garden as an extension of your inner space. You want to move conveniently from one place to another.

It may seem difficult, but even if you have a square meter of balcony, there are ways to reach a happy balcony! Therefore, fold your sleeves and put on your overalls, because we want to teach you how to make your balcony or garden look like a professional! We will help you turn your old and outdated space into a summer paradise and envy all your friends and family!

“Forget how to dig the earth and lean towards the soil to forget yourself.” Mahatma Gandhi

1. The palette

As with interior design, when designing a garden or a balcony before you start, you must choose a color palette. Keep a strong green background and use as many shadows as possible, but try to stick to no more than three bright colors at the beginning. You have more colors that will make your small space busy and confusing.

2. Strengthen your flower pot

Use pebbles or stones as a decorative top layer to decorate an existing kettle. Pebbles stop the upper soil from swallowing the lips after watering and helps to resist the weeds that pass through the soil. The picture of an existing flower pot or the purchase of a flower pot with the color of the trend will also help give your small garden space a facelift!

3. Is the size important?

Consider the size of the pot and seeder before buying and carefully consider whether you want to collect different sizes or the smallest appearance. You need to determine which kind best suits your overall style. If you have a balcony, judge by weight. Remember that in a small garden or on a balcony a large container with built-in plants can create more space than 20 differently.

4. Choose a suitable plant

Choose a factory with a low level of service, which can support items to decorate your balcony or small garden. These plants are very suitable for people standing behind a wild “secret garden look”, because these plants are left unattended to allow these plants to grow freely, and soon you will have a beautiful lush garden paradise.

5. Tables and chairs

If you like sunbathing in the sun, then your garden furniture is a must! Choose a balcony with bright and colorful furniture, a mini-garden at ground level, at your choice, choose luxurious armchairs for relaxation or a small outdoor setting.

6. Confidentiality

When you enjoy the sun, do not let your neighbor stand high on your rails or fences, and then try to use bamboo on a green screen of creeping or grape plants.

7. Artificial floor

Are you tired of looking at the tiring gray concrete under your feet? Use an artificial click system for decorating or artificial grass to refresh your mini garden to add more colors and life to the balcony.

8. Vertical garden

Get inspiration from the images of the magical hanging gardens of Babylon! Use vertical gardens and pendant pools to use space.

9. Lighting

Turn your balcony or mini-garden into a magical space and create a cozy romantic atmosphere, a mini-lamp or magic lights or chandeliers. To add additional illusion of space to your small garden or balcony, hang or support a large mirror or a set of mirrors on the walls or walls of your space.

10. Think for a long time

Invest in a solid and comfortable outdoor furniture where you can relax and unwind and enjoy the mini-Eden without worrying about the elements. Choose bright and bright colors to improve and supplement the spring and summer flora.

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