Gynostemma pentaphyllum – Chinese herbal medicine, obtained from a high, strong fertile flowering plant. This herb has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine.

The plant is native to the southern mountainous region, and its nature is similar to the nature of ginseng. It is also known as southern ginseng. What did he do, and what evidence has scientific research proved? Gynostemma has an anti-inflammatory and superoxide effect.

The antioxidant gyno-system enhances the immune system, increasing the number and activity of leukocytes and helps the liver system, strengthening the digestive system, inhibiting the oxidation of hepatocytes. It also helps to relieve stress, soothing and relaxing the central nervous system.

Gynostemma can help prevent the effects of overtraining, as it can protect the immune system from stress. 5 A study conducted by the Guiyang Medical School in China showed that the formula of the gyno-system increases the strength and endurance of the body. Considering all this, Gynostemma is an ideal herb for those who want to improve their sports results.

Limited clinical evidence suggests that the gynoecology system can effectively help people lose weight.

Who needs it, what are the symptoms? Due to its ability to protect the immune system, everyone can take advantage of the gynostemma supplement. Athletes can use supplements, because Gynostemma protects the body from stress and overtraining.

Adverse reactions associated with consumption of thyroxin are increased nervous anxiety and gastrointestinal motility.

There is no evidence of the effects of herbs on pregnant women and nursing mothers, but due to the thin blood of patients, prescription drugs should not be taken, which can lead to difficulties with hemostasis in case of trauma.

You can find the most common extracts of jiaogulan in complex antioxidant formulations, in complex complexes, and last but not least – as auxiliary substances in components that enhance nitrogen.

As an antioxidant, Gynostemma helps protect important organs from oxidative damage. People exposed to a high level of contamination can greatly benefit from the addition of penicillin Gynostemma.

There is no physical requirement, and there are no symptoms. No reported side effects exist, and several centuries of evidence of rumors suggest that Gynostemma supplements are safe.

Always follow the instructions on the label at any time. Reprinted facts about health from Clayton South

It is believed that giaogulan should not be taken concomitantly with blood diluents / anticoagulants and medications.

In theory, the following substances are anticoagulants: claws, Acanthopanax, garlic, ginger (high dose), ginkgo biloba, horse chestnut, ginseng, papain.

A national study conducted in China shows that people living in areas that drink tea with a nutshire have a much longer life and often live up to 100 years. This is what the inhabitants of the West discovered as Jiao Gulan! In China, it is used as a longevity tea, and is also used to treat serious diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

Gynostemma pentaphyllum, also known as gynostemma, has been the subject of more than 40 scientific experiments. These tests show that it can benefit almost every major group of organs, and Gynostemma is designated as adaptive herb and a known name, such as ginseng (see the following links). In fact, the content of ginsenosides is almost three times that of ginseng, but there is no excessive stimulation, which many people do not like. Best of all, it can conveniently be served in a simple natural tea bag.

White lotus jiaogulan is a natural preparation in a pyramidal bag. These bags are made from transparent cornstarch. This allows us to use high-quality whole leaves instead of flat food bags on the left, like flat tea bags. We also sealed bags with a vacuum seal, and then sealed them with metallic tin to ensure freshness. This is important if you use the Quran tea to achieve a therapeutic effect.

Good salted cucumbers are sweet and very interesting. Gynostemma does not contain caffeine.

Each box contains 15 tea bags with a pyramid of leaves. Each tea bag can make up to four cups of tea.

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